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Meet Adeel Siddique, A young, brilliant professional from the United Arab Emirates who got introduced to the Direct Selling industry while pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and liked the workings of the industry so much that he wanted to pursue that as his career. He was doing great when he got involved in the Blockchain sphere of the digital world in 2014. The cryptocurrency was not such a big deal back then as it is now as he understands the concept and mechanics of the blockchain and how it can disrupt the whole conventional banking and payment structure of the world. His specialties are marketing and sales, crypto trading, crypto exchanges, market research and analysis, social media, and forex trading. He traveled to more than 12 countries around the globe, stayed focused, and upgraded his entrepreneurial capabilities through training and learning from the best trainers and professionals in their fields in Pakistan and Abroad. Recently he completed his Master’s Degree and did his thesis on Community War.

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